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About us

About us

Nunavik Volleyball is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of volleyball in Nunavik and the use of sport as a psychosocial intervention tool. With this sport, we want to offer Nunavik youth an organized and successful sports program, along with all those offered in the rest of the province, based on values of equal opportunity and accessibility.

As we know, the practice of sport can have a positive impact on the well-being of people. Considering the athletic potential, the lack of accessibility to organized sport and the social issues that many young people in Nunavik face, Nunavik Volleyball combines sports and psychosocial interventions to promote the life course of Inuit youth.

Thus, while promoting protective factors (self-esteem, involvement, surpassing oneself, developing social support, etc.) and working to reduce risk factors (substance abuse, violence, crime, bullying, anxiety, depression), we want to give young people the chance to access major competitions (Quebec games, provincial and national championships). Let’s make this program a pride of Nunavik!