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Mission and values

Nunavik Volleyball’s mission
  • Develop volleyball in Nunavik: offer Nunavik a sports program as performant as those offered in the rest of the province and base of the principal of equality of chances and accessibility.
  • Use this program as psychosocial intervention tool considering the access we have to a population that rarely use mainstream mental health services: youth.
  • Advocate for the inclusion and the access to sports for Inuit youth.
Our Values

• Equality and accessibility
In Nunavik, as in a majority of Aboriginal communities, sport (recreational and / or competitive) is not easily accessible. We believe that access to recreational and competitive sport is a right for all Canadians under Canadian sports policy and we are working hard to make that right.

• To hire
Our stakeholders, our coaches and our young athletes are personally involved in the sport and social development of Nunavik to showcase our program.

• Pride
Build a program that will make all Nunavik proud. We want our athletes to develop to their full potential and our teams to become competitive. Our motivation is to see the positive effects on the future of tomorrow.

• Psychosocial well-being
We believe in the positive effects of sport, the development of healthy living skills, and the tools for psychosocial intervention. These three elements can only improve the quality of life of individuals.