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Psychosocial program

Psychosocial program

As we know, sports bring a lot of positive in a person’s life (self-confidence, since of pride, impact on mental health, structure…)

But we think that a sports program brings a lot of opportunities to deepen psychosocial interventions.

One of our girls’ team players has an alcoholic mom that can be aggressive. While confiding in me this player stated : « Everybody thinks I’m an athlete but I take part in so many sports events mainly to have opportunities to be away from home ».

We have an opportunity to reach a population that rarely uses the mainstream help system: youth. We have access to them as coaches.

So we want to use the program to:

  • Train or local coaches in suicide prevention.
  • Offer seasons and support on topics as sexual abuse, substance abuse, healthy relationship.
  • Offer sessions on past traumas: deportation, residential schools, killing of dogs, etc.
  • Use my experience as a social worker to intervene with players that go through major life obstacles.