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2019 Regional Men’s Team

The members of the team were selected in April 2019. Nunavik Volleyball Program is proud to announce that the team consists of the following members:

Lucasie Kiatainaq
Maakusie Alaku
Maakusie Keatainaq
Alaku Qumaaluk
Joanasie Tertiluk
Quppa Siaviadjuk
Tusaaijiapik Angnatuk
Adam Aomari
Frankie Caron
Adamie Jaaka


Our regional program aims to enable young athletes to develop their skills by setting up a performance program for children under 18 years old. We want our athletes to enjoy high-level competitions while reaping the benefits associated with achieving this goal (overtaking, involvement, social support, self-confidence, leadership, etc.).

We wish them a great season 2019!